Michelle Coomber – Commercials Director

Stephen Cooter – BBC PD





The Trip to Greece (In Production)
Revolution Films
Director : Michael Winterbottom   Line Producer: Josh Hyams

A Discovery of Witches – Season 2 (In production – Main Unit Dailies)
Bad Wolf Films
Directors : Farren Blackburn & Philippa Langdale

Gangs of London (In Production – Second Unit & Additional Photography)
Pulse Films for Sky Atlantic Drama Series

The Royals, Season 4
Entertainment Channel
Directors: Clark Mathis, Les Butler, Erica Dunton, James Lafferty
DoP: Rob McGregor

Married to a Paedophile 
Brinkworth Productions for Channel 4
Director: Colette Camden    Line Producer: Josh Hyams
DoP: Patrick Smith
Winner of Royal Television Society Best Non-Drama Sound Award 2019

The Planets 
Directors : Stephen Cooter and Nic Stacey
DoP : Julius Brighton

Forces of Nature
Directors: Stephen Cooter  & Matt Dyas
DoPs: Paul O’Callaghan/Simon De Glanville/Julius Brighton
“Somewhere in Spacetime” nominated for Best Factual Sound BAFTA, 2017, and Winner of Grierson Award for Best Science Doc 2017

Human Universe
Directors: Stephen Cooter, Nat Sharman & Annabel Gillings
(BBC Science Dept – 5 Episodes)
DoP: Paul O’Callaghan/Rob McGregor

Darren Aronofski’s One Strange Rock
Nutopia for Nat Geo
Directors: Alice Jones & Graham Booth
DoPs: Simon De Glanville/Brendan McGinty/Chris Openshaw

Horizon: Strange Signals from Outer Space
BBC2 (BBC Science Dept)
Director: Stephen Cooter
DoP: Paul O’Callaghan

Dian Fossey – Secrets in the Mist
Tigress for Nat Geo
Director: Zara Hayes
DoP: Patrick Smith

Drama doc-Lightbox for Netflix (2 Episodes)
Directors: Zara Hayes and David Sington
DoP: Patrick Smith

The Celts
BBC2 (BBC History Dept)
Director: Jeremy Hall
DoPs: Chris Openshaw/Patrick Smith

In Search of Colour
BBC4 (BBC Science Dept – 3 Episodes)
Director: Alex Hemingway
DoP: Rob Hollingworth

The Genius of Marie Curie 
BBC2  (BBC Science Dept)
Director: Gideon Bradshaw
DoP: Paul O’Callaghan

How to build a Bionic Man
DSP for Channel 4DoP: Patrick Smith
(Winner of Grierson Award Best Science Doc 2013)

Supersized Earth
BBC1 (BBC Science Dept – 3 Episodes)
Directors: Rob Liddel, Tom Stubberfield and Nat Sharman
DoP: Paul O’Callaghan/ Julius Brighton
Bafta nominated Best Specialist Factual Photography 2011

Inside the Human Body
BBC1 (BBC Science Dept – 2 Episodes)
Director : Rob Liddel
DoP: Paul O’Callaghan

Horizon – Fukushima, Is Nuclear Power Safe?
BBC4 (BBC Science Dept)

Horizon – The Truth about Meteors
BBC2 (BBC Science Dept)

Dara O’Briain’s Science Club
BBC2 (BBC Science Dept – 5 Episodes)
Director: Alice Jones
DoP: Paul O’Callaghan

Nazi Mega Structures 3
Drama doc, Nat Geo (DSP- 6 Episodes)
DoP: Robin Fox

Obsession – Dark Desires
Drama doc October Films (6 Episodes)
DoP: Kev Robertson

Dark Matters
Drama doc, Wide Eyed for Discovery (10 Episodes)
DoP: Robin Fox

Seconds from Disaster
Drama doc, DSP for Discovery (2 Episodes)
DoP: Robin Fox

Our Drugs War
Ronachan Films for C4
Director: Angus McQueen


Rocket Man : Additional Photography
Feature Film
Director : Dexter Fletcher

Kingsman 3 : The Outfit Splinter Unit  (In Production)
Feature Film 
Main Unit Sound Mixer: John Hayes

Wonder Woman: Magic Hour Splinter Unit Dailies (In Production)
Feature Film
Main Unit Sound Mixer: Peter Devlin

Feature doc
Director: Morgan Matthews
DoP: Patrick Smith

I Am Bolt
Feature doc
Director: Ben & Gabe Turner
DoP: Patrick Smith

Sounds Like Teen Spirit – A Popumentary
Feature doc
Director: Jamie Johnson

Feature doc
Director: Jane Preston DoP: Patrick Smith

Art Films

Landscape (for The Royal Academy of Arts)
Director: Tacita Dean

Giardini (created for the Venice Biennale)
Director: Steve McQueen

Director: Steve McQueen

Director: Tom Haines

Recent Commercials

October Films – DAZN Ronaldo
Director: Matt Smith

Creative Blood – J Hus Beats
Director: Mitch Kalisa & Harry Reavley

Squire Studios – San Miguel Rich list
Director: Michelle Coomber

The Outfit – Jaguar “On The Edge”
Director: Will Clark

Play Productions – Jaguar/The Atlantic-British Impact
Director: Andrew Fettis