I can build exactly the right equipment package for each job, whether it’s mixing from a drama cart or with a mobile sound bag.

The core of equipment is built around these items:

Aaton Cantar X3 24 track recorder
Zaxcom Nova 16 track recorder
Zaxcom radio mics x 8
Zaxcom wireless boom x 2

Schoeps Super CMIT microphone x 2
Schoeps CMIT microphone x 2
Schoeps CCM41 microphone x 2
Schoeps MS stereo microphone
DPA 4017B microphone
Sennheiser MKH60 microphone
DPA lavalier microphones

TCS Ultrasync boxes x 5

Ambient Digislate

Voice of God

Sennheiser IEM headsets x 12